Consultancy Services

Our successful track record, built over a period of 20 years, is centred on a core team of exclusive senior consultants.

With extensive ‘hands on’ and senior management experience gained working in organisations similar to your own, their deep technical knowledge and real-world expertise enables us to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.

While understanding what it’s like to stand in your shoes and confront the challenges you face, all our consultants are specialists at uncovering the real facts and getting to the root causes of a situation.

As agents of change, we understand the complexity of roles, relationships and connections that can impact on successful outcomes. Working in small teams we’ll get close to your people, engage hearts and minds, and transfer the skills they’ll need to sustain lasting change long after we leave.

As part of our partnership ‘in it together’ approach we’ll agree clear objectives, a finite timescale and cost before we begin any project.

We’ve found this approach results in satisfied clients. Which is why 70% of our business comes from working with clients time and again.


Pre-contract stag

Economic studies and market surveys
Feasibility studies and conceptual Designs
Financial Engineering

b. Contract stage

Project Management
Basic Design
Training operation and maintenance staff
Start up and operation Assistance

c.  Operation

Facilities maintenance and support
Procurement/Materials Management

Whether a startup or existing entity, our team of expert consultants will get you on the right track whatever the situation.  We take a professional and holistic approach to each and every client as each and every need is different and each client unique.

We adopt the same method we use in our own Health, safety and environment statement.

We identify and recognize the fact that the success of a project is largely dependent on how safe the project is. Hence, it is out policy to insist on maximum vigilance in every work location, whether on site or in the office. These safety habits are extended into the concepts and designs engaged on projects, ensuring that its adhered to all through, form planning to completion, through the entice lifespan of the project facility, for the benefit of the client, thereby reducing to nil (except unavoidably so) the possibility of loss of life and property.

In the execution of our projects, the corporate policy is to adhere to and take into consideration the international environmental standard as well as principles that govern local regulation, as both are of same value and importance, and it is the duty of the health, safety and environment officer to ensure that these polices are met and kept.

Whatever your needs in the Marine Industry, our trusty experts will get the job done! With over 30 years’ experience on our team, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

Security and Defense
Intelligence, Training and Tactical Services in Security industries as well as Police, Customs, Immigrationand Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Airforce).

Information Technology
ROBIN-PENS COMPANY LIMITED handles the technical and cost management of your IT requirements and will assist your information department in:

Proper General Consultancy Services
Processing orders and monitoring deadlines
Inspecting and receiving
Packaging, transit transport and on-site delivering
The list of applications that we have on offer are:

Security and Movement Control System
Fix and Mobile Asset Management System
Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation System
Time and Attendance System
Human Resources Management System
Secured Collaboration and Reporting System
We operate a multi-vendor policy. As industrial operators, your procurement centers may not be nearby and you may be experiencing communication problems with your suppliers. However, your industrial machinery must perform at peak capacity at all times. Spare parts, and the right equipment and consumables for the maintenance of your facilities, are of vital importance. (You need the right parts at the right time. In addition, you want to stretch your maintenance budget as far as you can).